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Apr 11, 2023

Your crucible didn't happen to you, it happened for you. You’ll hear us say that a lot – tied to that trial, set within that setback, affixed to that failure … you’ll discover seeds you can plant along your journey to a life of significance. You just have to look for and learn from them.
Our guest this week, Andrea Heuston, has accumulated plenty of those seeds as she’s moved beyond her crucibles. From an emotionally wrenching infertility struggle, to a medical emergency that left her in a coma for weeks, to a fire that destroyed the home she called her “happy place” – she has faced a lifetime’s worth of tragedies. And yet she’s moved on to live a life of triumph – choosing hope and grace as she helps others to do exactly what she’s done.
“I had to get over myself in order to go anywhere else,” she tells us … and the wisdom she’s accumulated can guide you along your own unique path to the life you’ve always dreamed of.
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