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Jan 5, 2021

In this special 50th episode of BEYOND THE CRUCIBLE, host Warwick Fairfax and co-host Gary Schneeberger take a look back at some of the most powerful guests who have shared the trials and triumphs of not just surviving their crucible experiences but moving beyond them to lead lives of significance. You'll meet inspiring men and women from all walks of life who have overcome physical, emotional, and professional setbacks, failures, and tragedies to live lives on purpose, rooted in their passions and talents. From the Hollywood actor/writer/director whose first film flopped so badly it was almost his last to the young woman selling her gourmet cookies out of her driveway, from the motivational speaker who grabbed the brass ring only to realize it was lead to the former NFL quarterback who couldn't live up to the MVP career of his father but has carved out a post-football calling that helps marriages and families, you'll find hope and healing in these conversations filled with wisdom and vulnerability.
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