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Nov 28, 2023

Conflicting. Confounding. Confusing. Did you feel any of those emotions when gathering with family and friends over Thanksgiving? If so, we’ve got the antidote for turning those difficult feelings into warm memories.
This week, Warwick discussed his latest blog at Beyond the, “Not Feeling Thankful? These Seven Tips Can Get You in the Holiday Spirit.” We recorded this episode before Thanksgiving (the blog had already been posted) knowing you wouldn’t hear it until after Thanksgiving. Why? Because the tips we discuss to truly celebrate Thanksgiving with a capital T will equip you for day-to-day thanksgiving with a lower-case t.
The key points touched on here – which include ALLOW YOURSELF TO REFLECT, CRAFT A MISSION FROM THANKFULNESS and BE PRESENT -- will serve you and your relationships the other 364 days of the year that aren’t the fourth Thursday in November. And remember – Christmas is coming.
What’s the ultimate takeaway here? As Warwick says, “It’s a lot easier being thankful when you’re serving a mission beyond yourself.”
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