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May 16, 2023

Helping people develop a right relationship with money, particularly the younger generations in families of wealth and influence, is the unique focus of the work done by this week’s guest, Kristin Keffeler. As a leading practitioner of family wealth advising called Wealth 360, she supports families of significant means in doing what she calls the “inner work” of money. It’s not just about managing portfolios, but developing a healthy life identity around the dollar signs.
This may be the most personal episode we’ve yet done from Warwick’s perspective, given his history as the 5th generation heir to a multibillion-dollar media dynasty in his home nation of Australia. The ground he and Keffeler cover here not only offers insights and action steps for families like the one Warwick was born into, but to any family that can benefit from shoring up its relationship to money and their relationships to each other.
At the root of finding that health, Keffeler explains, is understanding that the formation of personal identity separate from the numbers on a balance sheet is an important destination all of us must find our way to.
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