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May 23, 2023

Using our worst days to help others have their best days. That’s the undergirding philosophy, the bedrock exhortation, of BEYOND THE CRUCIBLE. And we explore it on this week’s episode in detail so that you can apply the lessons we've learned to turn your own trials into triumphs.

Warwick and I take a tour of those learnings, ground also covered in the new blog at, 3 Critical Lessons All 5 Crucible Types Can Teach Us. We’ve discovered and keep discovering with each new guest we interview that while crucible experiences vary greatly in their circumstances, they come with many similar emotions, whether it’s a business crucible or a physical crucible, an emotional crucible or a Life crucible – or even the quiet crucible marked by feeling stuck and wondering “Is This All There is?”

And those three important truths that help you navigate your way up from and out of the pit? Realizing that mindset is everything; not going it alone; and taking the first right step, then the next right step.

Putting those truths together is the key to being able to consider your crucible not as something that happened to you, but as something that happened for you.

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