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Jan 24, 2023

A critical component of Beyond the Crucible’s recipe for discovering your unique path to a life of significance is to develop a strong team of advisers to help you lean into your gifts and passions along the journey, especially in the aftermath of a crucible. This week, Warwick talks to two men serving in that role to men and women all along the-age and-stage spectrum.
Our guests Tom McGehee and Jim Stollberg, the co-executive directors of Halftime, an organization that helps professionals of all stripes look for moments and experiences in their lives on and off the clock that deepen the sense of purpose with which they’re living. As you’ll hear Jim explain, an essential part of finding that balanced, rewarding life is making sure what you say are your most important values are truly the things you’re spending your time and attention on
If they’re not … Halftime and its associated group, Thousandfold, will help you identify the disconnect and rearrange the pieces.
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