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Jun 16, 2020

Life has not always been easy for Warwick Fairfax. That's a statement many in his native Australia never would have associated with the fifth-generation heir to arguably the country's most influential media empire. But then he launched a multi-billion-dollar takeover of the company that failed spectacularly -- leaving him with regrets, self-doubt, and uncertainty about his future. More than 30 years after the takeover fell apart, the founder of Crucible Leadership and host of BEYOND THE CRUCIBLE will speak in detail for the first time about what motivated his bid to assume control of the company and why he thinks it wasn't successful in a book from Morgan James Publishing due to be released early next year. In this episode of the podcast, Fairfax discusses with co-host Gary Schneeberger why he initially didn't want to write a book at all, why he changed his mind and what readers can expect when it hits stores. "It's a collection of stories and parables about life and leadership -- about me and my family, history's greatest leaders and biblical and inspirational figures," he explains. "If writing about my story can help people and give them hope, it's worth going through the pain."