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Sep 7, 2021

It was a moment seen by tens of millions of people across the globe thanks to a viral video: Heather Kampf falling during the final lap of an 800-meter race in college, then springing to her feet to not just catch her competition, but win. Yet Kampf cautions those amazed by her triumph to take a deeper message away from her 2008 feat than "Never give up." What fueled her miraculous comeback was having a vision for the race long before it started and sticking to that vision when the crucible came. What she discovered about herself during that final lap -- and in the setbacks and struggles before and since -- is that her faith gives her access to another gear critical to harnessing resilience on and off the track.
You can watch Heather Kampf's remarkable fall-and-finish during the 2008 Big 10 Track Championships by watching the video in this news story: You can also follow the now-retired Kampf's post-running career on Instagram at @heatherraekampf
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